MORE THAN half a century


Back in 1954, the first Lagun universal milling machine was manufactured. More than 60 years have gone by since. Over all these years, we have developed a wide range of possibilities in milling technology.

At present, the new Lagun Machine Tools S.L. aims to focus on design and manufacture of medium-sized milling machines at competitive prices and proven reliability. It is our goal and commitment to bring this challenge to a successful end.


We are part of the MAHER HOLDING group

MAHER HOLDING is composed of a group of companies that contributes a great value to the machine tool sector through a portfolio of simple solutions oriented to complex market needs. Solutions based on a robust technology and tested, designed for the user due to its easy operation and flexibility.
The collective capabilities of brands of product: GEMINIS, LAGUN, GMTK and ADDILAN and those of service: ATERA and INTERMAHER focus on offering a high degree of specialization, as well as in arranging of great agility in the design and implementation of innovator business models.

This is an advanced manufacturing system that, instead of removing material, selectively adds material to form an object by overlaying successive layers based on a digital model. Making this advanced manufacturing system a competitive reality poses a great challenge for us.



To this end, we collaborate closely with several Technology Centres such as IK4-Tekniker, IK 4-Lortek, Tecnalia, Invema…


More than 10% of our staff is involved in the R&D&i department.

We have developed a wide range of Lagun milling machines and we are firmly committed to improving reliability and competitiveness of our machines.

Apart from our traditional product, some years ago we adopted diversification as a strategic goal for growth, and as a result we combine new products with new markets. A clear example of this is the so-called WAAM project, which stands for Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing.

EXPORT vocation

Our main market is Europe, currently having the German market leading and a significant presence in Itally, Holland, Belgium, Sweden and Finland. In addition to all these major markets, we continue our exports to other countries with historical presence such as India, Turkey, USA and Canada.

This export trend forces us to have a wide updated sales network and a qualified Technical Service and in continuous training.
We need to be close to customers to know and be able to meet their needs, and for this reason, we have top-class dealers, agents and sales representatives.



QUALITY parameters

We have our own advanced quality criteria that we have implemented under the ISO standards and that constitute our main guideline for quality, customer satisfaction and continuous improvement.