23 Feb 2022 23 February, 2022
  • We designed and manufactured a specific machine for Navantia, a leading shipbuilding company.

  • Stable, repeatable and precise machining were successfully achieved.

Lagun Machine Tools has extensive experience in delivering milling, lathing, boring and grinding solutions to many clients. Our professionalism and know-how have been our main guarantee for more than 65 years when working with major clients in critical sectors such as shipbuilding.

Navantia, a leading Spanish public company in the design and construction of high-tech military and civilian vessels, is among these clients. With more than 300 years of experience, it represents the largest shipbuilding company in the Spanish-speaking world.

Why were we hired by Navantia?

Considering our competitive advantages, directly related to the manufacture of the type of machinery Navantia was looking for, Lagun Machine Tools applied for a public tender for this large client. As specialists in the design and production of CNC portable machines, we felt that we were the perfect fit to participate in the tender for the project that was published. The project was awarded to us, which was a major milestone, as other large companies also tendered for the project.

Lagun Machine Tools has extensive experience in the manufacture of portable CNC milling machines. Download the catalogue!

What was the challenge?

Navantia required precision boring, milling and drilling. Until then, these processes were carried out using manual portable machines, without CNC and therefore with reduced precision. It was therefore essential to design and manufacture a portable machine that would offer greater precision and repeatability in machining operations in order to resolve this challenge.

Although we generally worked with long deadlines, there were also intermediate milestones to be met before the end of the project, so the actual time we had to deliver the machine was reduced.

One of the greatest difficulties we faced was knowing how to accurately understand the machining work to be carried out and how to translate it into a machine that was capable of performing all the operations required. This involved the design and manufacture of a machine for very specific and particular needs, with multiple high precision machining operations.

The Lagun Machine Tools solution

Our RDI department was involved and focused on designing a machine that would meet all these needs. This was made possible thanks to innovation and creativity, combined with the know-how we have acquired over the years creating various multi-process and portable machines designed to date.

The solution we proposed featured numerical control (CNC) technology, improving the required parameters.

Thanks to the machine we finally delivered, Navantia:

– Achieved a stable, repeatable and precise machining process.

– Was able to repeat high-precision processes, thanks to the built-in numerical control.

– Reduced machining times due to increased machining speed and fewer errors in the process.

After this successful experience, we can say that Navantia is a Lagun Machine Tools client. We have positioned ourselves as a specialist in the manufacture of CNC portable machines for this large company in the shipbuilding industry, which has purchased additional Lagun CNC portable machines for other machining operations.

Once again, a major client endorsing our know-how and a challenge successfully met!

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