On-site Machining: the Solution for Complex and Large Parts

El mecanizado in situ es la solución para el mecanizado complejo de piezas cada vez más grandes del sector naval y energético
22 Nov 2021 22 November, 2021
  • This type of machining is made using portable machines, in which Lagun Machines Tools is specialised

  • It is the solution for complex machining of increasingly large parts in the shipbuilding and energy industries

What is on-site machining? Essentially, it means that machining work is carried out directly at the place where the part is located, without the need to move it to a workshop.

According to experts, this technique has a long historical tradition dating back to the industrial revolution, when military defence needed to fix its weaponry directly on the battlefield.

Nowadays, this is the solution to difficult machining scenarios where conventional machining cannot be carried out by transporting the part to the workshop, either because disassembling the part is extremely expensive or because the part’s significant size or weight makes it difficult to transport it.

This technique is carried out using portable milling machines, a type of machine tool that can perform the same processes as a static machine tool, but which is specifically designed for this type of operation. This way, the portable machine is taken to the location where the components to be repaired or processed are located.


Advantages of on-site machining

Although it has been available on the market for years, it has evolved enormously in recent times, as it has had to address the ever-increasing size and complexity of parts in some industries, which can only be machined using this process.

In fact, it is particularly suitable for the shipbuilding industry, especially for large structures that must first be assembled and then machined. This technique is also particularly suitable for the energy industry, especially for turbine components.

This method has many advantages, including the following:

– Time reduction: the time spent disassembling and transporting the part is eliminated.

– Saving on effort: it simplifies operations.

– Minimised production interference: production downtime is shortened as the part to be machined is in its usual location.

– Significant cost savings: factory downtime is reduced and transport and logistics costs are eliminated.

– It is the only way to machine some parts that cannot be moved to the workshop.


Portable machines for on-site machining

Portable milling machines that carry out on-site machining require that each client’s case is studied beforehand, as the keys to their good performance are customisation and adaptation to a specific machining operation. Their main advantages are that they greatly reduce repair or machining time, as well as providing a high level of precision in the work.

In addition to milling, these machines are used for lathing, boring and grinding processes.

Most of the portable machines work with conventional systems. However, there are advanced portable machine models fitted with a numerical control system (CNC). Although they require a more detailed work planning, these machines achieve more precise and higher-quality results.

Furthermore, CNC technology enables machining operations to be programmed before the part is placed, reducing downtime. In addition, the part can be measured directly by means of encoders, rulers, etc., improving machining reliability.

The integration of the CNC system into portable machines has made it possible to:

– Improve accuracy and reliability through proper adjustment.

– Offer increased safety as the process can be simulated in order to verify that it is correct.

– Provide higher productivity due to work optimisation.

– Execute complex operations.

– Make machines more sustainable and environmentally friendly.


Leaders in portable CNC machine manufacturing

Lagun Machine Tools is currently one of the leading manufacturers of portable CNC machines in various sizes.

Our knowledge and experience since 1965 in the design and manufacture of milling machines has been transferred and applied to our current portable machines. We design and manufacture tailor-made portable machining solutions based on milling, lathing, boring and grinding technologies.

Lagun Machine Tools‘ portable CNC machines deliver high quality and precision on-site machining. Furthermore, one of our greatest strengths is the customisation of the machines according to the client’s needs, as we can design and manufacture new models, adapting them to the process and the part to be produced.


Contact our sales department to find out about all the options Lagun Machine Tools can provide you with for quality on-site machining!